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Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd
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Niños de madera al aire libre que sube el patio en venta (HD-5702)

  • HD-5702
  • Happy Island - Childhood Dream
  • 95069900
  • HD-5702
  • 735 * 420 * 270cm
  • Sueño de infancia
  • 500 sets / mes
  • Guangzhou, China
  • Película plástica, algodón.
  • conjunto
  • 10000 conjunto
  • 1set
  • 2015110905
  • 15 días
  • 1
  • T / T
  • Nuestros productos de juegos infantiles generalmente con grandes medidas y enviados por mar, ferrocarril, camión también están disponibles como requisitos de los clientes. Proyecto grande de equipo de patio de recreo, proyecto de parque de agua, proyecto de gimnasio al aire libre, proyecto de patio interior, proyecto de jardín de infantes, proyecto de parque de atracciones, proyecto de alfombra de patio de recreo, proyecto de alfombrilla de goma, alcance de la cantidad o más de US $ 500,000 / orden, plazo de pago puede negociar.

Product Description

Outdoor Wooden Playground, Children Outdoor Climbing Playground, Wooden Playground For Kids Play, Wooden Playground For Beach On Stock.

Technical Data Sheet

Outdoor Wooden Children Climbing Playground For Sale (HD - 5702)

CommercialOutdoor Wooden Playgroundwith swing set,Wooden Playground sometimes is a combination of wood and plastic, natural wooden color let it looks primitive, nature, our outdoor wooden playground equipment usually used on beach and backyard, mostly attracts customers from hotels, amusement parks and gardens.


1. Art No.: HD - 5702

2. Size:735*420*270cm

3.Capacity: around 5~10 kids

4. Materials: wood, plastic&heavy duty galvanized steel posts

Outdoor Wooden Children Climbing Playground for Sale (HD - 5702)


1. Plastic: made from LLDPE (Linea Low Density Polyethylene), safe, no lead, no smell, non - toxic and durable;

2. Wood: San cheong wood.

3.Metal parts:
Steel posts:
Galvanized, main support post diameter 114mm, thickness 3.5mm, all steel posts are processed with polishing, carbon - dioxide arc welding, sand - washing, galvanizing, static spraying paint and high temperature solidity.
Metal parts: dia32mm, thickness: 2mm, stainless screws.

thickness 3mm, powder paint or rubber coating
All playground equipment use material are non - toxic, anti - UV, anti - crack, anti - rust, anti - corrosion.


GS/TUV, SGS, CE, EN1176, EN1171, EN1177, Rosh, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, SASO, etc.

Quality and Reputation Double Protection Unit of China,
Observe Contracts&Keep Promise Unit
Chinese Brand - name&High - quality products
ChinaIndustry Leading Brand
The 1st brand&the most influential Brand of China Infant amusement products
ChinaTop 10 Brand
China&dm4atp&s Famous Brand
Famous Chinese Trademark
Chinese Brand - name&High - quality products,
GuangdongProvince Famous Brand, etc.

Factory profile:
Factory floor:48,000 square meter
Main products: playground equipment&outdoor fitness
Established year:1991 (1998 began exporting)
Production line: 25
Employees: 350
Group teams:production&related depts., Research&Design dept. Engineering dept., Domestic sales, Overseas sales, customer service, Financial dept.,  Human source&Administrative dept. etc.

Factory floor - ttl - all - logo

Welcome your inquiry!  Let' s begin our cooperation here, to set up happy playground lands for kids all around us, set up outdoor fitness center for people who love lives so much, we would like to make the world more happiness&fitness with you!

Instant calling available:
Ms. Spring Li  
(0086) - 159 8927 9205

Guangzhou factory discount steel outdoor playground, China guangzhou playground factory provides outdoor playground, indoor playground, outdoor fitness, playground rubber mat with certificates of GS/TUV, SGS, CE, EN1176, EN1177, EN1171, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18000:2007, etc.

Our playground equipment goods usually with large measurement and shipped by sea, railway, truck also available as customers' requirements.

Large outdoor playground equipment project, park equipment project, water park project, outdoor fitness project, indoor playground project, kindergarten project, amusement park project, playground mat project, rubber mat project, amount reach or more than US$500,000/order, payment term can negotiate.

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Equipo Co., Ltd de la reconstrucción del sueño de la niñez de Guangzhou

Oficina de Brance:No.159, camino de Yingbin, districto de Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China                               Fábrica:Zona industrial de Shuili, ciudad de Jianggao, Baiyun, districto, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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